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 Music For Media 

The Love Plant represents Ryan Sciaino’s studio work.  Known to many by his old DJ name (Ghostdad), his practice centers around combining music and the moving image.  Ten years of touring with DJ’s, rappers, and bands gives him a unique perspective on creating impactful and emotional moments with music and sound.

The Love Plant can pull bespoke beats and emotional music beds out of an evolving collection of synths, drum machines, turntables, guitars, and effects.  Our music industry experience gives us access to some of the best musicians and vocal artists in NY.  Our approach to software goes beyond industry standards to include interactive and generative methods of music making.

 For Artists 

While the focus of The Love Plant is music for media, I’ve also spent a lot of time in the studio and on tour with artists.  I grew up collecting vinyl, seeing underground shows, and religiously listening to freeform radio.  Not ignoring the deluge of pop music and eventual dawn of the internet music age begins to describe the breadth of my experience as a listener.  By constantly seeking out new and different sounds I’ve found myself ahead of music trends, and able to contribute to the projects I’ve worked on from a place of emotional understanding.  

When mixing I like to make things sounds good “in the box” but as a composer and producer I keep creative hardware close at hand.  I play keys and guitar but I have an affinity for outdated drum machines, esoteric trackers, patching environments, and iPad apps.  Regardless of your music making practice, I might be an ideal candidate to help you elevate and finish your project while preserving your creativity and ideas.  Please reach out if you’re in need of additional production, mixing, or consultation on preparing your music for a live show.  

The Love Plant